In the future, Fakt will become a journalism investigative agency.  That's not it. Often after the publication of investigations, the corrupt officials keep silence. Therefore, on the basis of Fakt we plan to organize loud discussions, so that the problem is not forgotten. Our participants have good experience in organizing discussions, where well-known and influential Belarusians are attracted: politicians, experts, representatives of civil society, artists, average people…

Today Fakt is a community of journalists who use the investigative method. Among us there are not only young cadres, but also experienced, with an authoritative name and management experience.

Unfortunately, the investigative method is still poorly represented in Belarus. The reason is that there is almost no full-fledged media market. For the management of media is expensive to maintain investigative journalists. Race for quantity does not always turn into a race for quality.

Nevertheless, after the publication of the materials prepared by the participants of the Fakt group, laws were changing in the country. Let's give some examples.

Because of the bureaucracy in the Custom Union, a new controversial technical regulation allowed a huge excess of standards for strontium in food. After the release of the investigation, attention was put to the problem and old norms were returned to Belarus.

Or let's remember about the problem with narcotic poppies and designer drugs in Belarus. Our journalists were the first to investigated the problem. Soon the laws were changed.

It was also that investigations of the Fakt participant led to the closure of criminal cases. Let us recall a loud road accident involving a bicyclist in Hrodna. The pedestrian died. A criminal case was opened. During the journalism investigation it became known that the cyclist is a 16-year-old athlete who physically could not break the laws as he was riding a specific bicycle. After the journalism investigation was released, the criminal case was closed.

Sometimes Fakt member’s investigations do not make changes, but they reveal the life of the Belarusians in interesting spheres. An example is the trilogy about the Belarusian mafia.

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